Kristy Dotson Biography

Kristy Dotson first learned the link between good health and good nutrition in the crucible of her own dietary deficiencies. She then gained further enlightenment while working for some of the top food manufacturers in the world. These two experiences led to Kristy’s nutritional epiphany. She came to the sobering realization that good health can only be gained from the inside out and that much of what we put in is harmful to us. Kristy’s personal and professional journey led her to found “Omnipotent Health, Incorporated.” The organization’s goal is clear. Everyone can be taught to take unlimited authority over their health by incorporating proper nutrition into their lifestyles. In staggering and chilling detail, Kristy lays out the cold hard facts about the foods we consume and the diseases they can cause. Her “show and tell” seminars leave no room for denial. While participants review the ingredients in their favorite snacks,
Kristy reads aloud the nutritional information, defines the contents (which most people cannot even pronounce) and describes their impact. It is truly a hard to forget lesson – even for the most devout junk food junkies.

Kristy’s teaching style is informative, entertaining, sobering and motivating. She puts you in a frame of
mind to make a decision about your health as it relates to food consumption. Her mantra is simple, yet
profound: “Proper nutrition education can lead to empowerment over disease.” The “knowledge is power” concept comes through loudly and clearly in the work done by Kristy and her “Omnipotent Health” organization. As the world looks for answers to degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis, hypertension and diabetes, Kristy and her staff provide practical teaching on the connection between diet and disease. The services available include:

1) one-on-one nutritional education sessions

2) personal “food fitness level” assessments

3) tours of health food stores complete with shopping tips

4) information about supplements

5) a personalized eating guidelines based upon individual body types and metabolisms.

Omnipotent Health also offers custom programs to fit individual and organizational needs. Coupling nutritional training with industry experience, Kristy Dotson is well prepared to educate the masses on proper nutrition. She brings eight years of experience in the processed foods industry to the table. Kristy received her nutritional training from Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, Alabama, and her Nutrition Consultant Certification from American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA). Additionally, she is a trained “Health Minister” as tutored by “Hallelujah Acres/Back to the Garden Health Ministries” and is certified on DSHEA by the American Nutraceutical Association (ANA). Exceptionally gifted and experienced in developing and implementing health programs for churches,
Kristy previously resided as Ministry Leader for the “Agape Health & Fitness Ministry” of Living Word Christian Center, located in the Chicago, Illinois area. She is a charter member of the Christian Wellness Association, a not-for-profit organization birthed to provide programs and services supporting a mission of “Optimal Health, Fitness & Wellness Through A Christ-Centered Foundation”. Kristy also holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree in engineering from Purdue University and the University of Missouri-Rolla, respectively.

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