Christian Tennon Biography

Christine Tennon’s passion for good health stems from her own struggles with food and her desire to live a life that reflects the “kingdom of God” that Jesus came to reveal.

Vocationally, Christine has a background in trial and insurance defense law, corporate training and broadcasting.  As a member of the body of Christ, she actively seeks to apply the word of God to everyday life – especially the fight for physical wellness. She has completed six-years of lay bible study through Bible Study Fellowship International. In 2001, Christine launched her own study of the American health care crisis and the rapidly rising cost of being sick.

These interests led her to one conclusion. Members of the body of Christ must immediately wake up and take consistent and strategic responsibility for preserving their physical temples for God’s kingdom business here on earth! Working with Kristy Dotson of Omnipotent Health, Inc., Christine presents the biblical perspective on good health to church audiences urging them to consciously and aggressively apply God’s word to their health.

In preparation for this teaching, God has given Christine an opportunity over the years to speak to hundreds of Christian women on what the bible says about effective communication. She has conducted her “Messages from the Heart” seminar for Heartfelt International Ministries of Dallas, Texas and another well known ministry in that city.

For more than ten years, Christine worked as a television news producer in markets from Texas to New York City.  She has also facilitated training seminars for attorneys, government employees, corporate executives and career professionals around the United States – providing instruction in the areas of legal ethics, conflict resolution, diversity and customer satisfaction.

Christine has a bachelor’s degree in Radio-Television & Film from Arkansas State University and a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin


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