Louis & Johnetta Reeves Biography

Pastor Louis Reeves & Sister Johnetta Reeves

Pastor Louis Reeves & Sister Johnetta Reeves

Louis and Johnetta Reeves met when they where 16 years old. God had a plan for them even back then! They were married at the age of 23 and received Christ 4 years later when their marriage began to fall apart. This was due to their lack of understanding of the plans and purpose God had for their lives.  At that point, they also recognized their own insufficiency and need for a Savior. At the age of 27, they were both saved and God restored their marriage.  Since accepting Jesus, the Lord has taken them on the adventure of their lives!

They served faithfully for almost 20 years at Evangelistic Crusaders C.O.G.I.C. church were they learned about God’s love and the importance of living righteously according to God’s will. In 2003, they came to Living Word Christian Center (LWCC) where they were filled with the Holy Spirit and received teachings that lead them to further believe God and how to step out on faith.  Louis attended and graduated from the church’s school of ministry in 2003.  The Reeves also served in leadership positions in the running ministry at LWCC. By teaching nutrition and other relevant running topics, they would encourage other believers to apply the  principles learned as they trained for races to other areas of their lives.

In 2006, the Reeves accepted the call to pastor in Englewood, Chicago.  The Lord had also revealed to them the importance of having an effective, proactive health ministry at their newly started church, Family Focus Christian Center (FFCC). Through the hosting of the annual “Fight to Live” Health Conference and the Englewood Running Ministry, which teaches people how to train for running events, Louis and Johnetta have seen the manifestation of improved health among the congregation at FFCC and in the local community.

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