Family Focus Christian Center- Youth Ministry

Family Focus Christian Center Youth Ministerial Team

Pastors Louis & Johnetta Reeves were members of Living Word Christian Center, when God called them to start FFCC. With the blessing and support of Pastor Bill Winston, they launched a new ministry in the area of Englewood, Chicago in 2006. Now, FFCC is looking to expand its reach by establishing a youth ministry. We are looking for an anointed husband and wife team who’ve been called to minister to youth in urban areas like Englewood

The ideal team:

  • Is saved and Holy Spirit-filled
  • Has been called to youth ministry
  • Would like to work as a team on developing a youth ministry and Sunday School program
  • Understands the challenges of urban youth along with biblical principles to help overcome them


  • Weekly prayer call and programming meetings
  • Administration of Friday evening youth services from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the FFCC sanctuary
  • Development and oversight of Sunday School team and program

If this sounds like what God is leading you to do, please send your resume to so we can consider you IMMEDIATELY!


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