7 Days of Prayer for Englewood-

Father you are the God of increase. We confess that we are made in your image and that we are gods of increase. We command increase to come to (YOUR MINISTRY NAME HERE) in every form including increased assets of every kind, supernatural debt cancellation, clever ideas, membership increase, favor, free blessings, good deals & discounts, anointing and power to get wealth. Just as you increased Abraham, Isaac and Jacob we thank you that under our newer, better covenant, increase is constantly apart of our ministry. You increase the ministry wealth at rates the world has never seen or comprehended. You multiply every asset class we have through revelation knowledge, grace and favor. We speak to the ministry bank accounts, store houses, real-estate portfolio, securities, currencies and business holdings and command them to increase at increasing rates, now! We command the reservoirs of the world’s wealth to be drained to into our possession, now. Angels, go and bring this wealth into our hands, now. We command you to bring us into the wealthy place that God has prepared for the ministry before the foundation of the world.

We seek God every day about how to fully walk in our covenant of increase. We are always alert and sensitive to the Holy Spirit regarding opportunities to yield every type of increase in our ministry. We sow by the spirit and reap by the spirit and are ever alert to his leading recognizing all wealth generation opportunities that line up with the vision for the ministry. We will no longer miss any opportunity to bring additional wealth into our possession, ever!

Satan, you are bound and every demonic force you send against our financial increase shall NOT manifest against us. You have no authority in the ministry finances. We cast down and cancel every plan to spoil our investments, strategies for increase and to bring unnecessary expenses into our ministry. We command every dime ever stolen from us by the enemy must be returned seven fold! Now! Satan, you are rebuked and your plots to devour the fruit of our increase are null, void and will not prosper because we are in covenant with Jehovah- Jireh.

(YOUR MINISTRY NAME HERE) is a wealth magnet, attracting all manner of material goods. People give into our bosom at all times. We walk in the wisdom of God to utilize every asset to the glory of God. Never again will we be without the favor, wisdom, grace and power of God to increase our wealth and giving to advance the kingdom of God.

We thank you that this confession is a decree in faith and is Yes & Amen. In Jesus’ name. Amen!


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